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Company Culture

Enterprise vision
Through the unremitting efforts of all the employees of the company, we have built a bridge of customer satisfaction, and serve every customer in the electronic information industry with our diligent hands and wisdom.
The business goal
Become an outstanding manufacturer of diode brands.
Corporate mission
Create higher value for customers - enhance the value and quality of products and services, and set up Juxing own brand.
Core values
Successful customer - committed to customer and customer satisfaction and success.
People-oriented - strive to create a healthy and fruitful life for employees.
High performance - results-oriented, speed and efficiency.
Be honest and realistic -- do things, keep promises and be realistic.
Practice what you say and do what you do
Five requirements for execution
If there is an order, there is a prohibition.
Keep your promise.
Stay on target and never give up.
Check and find problems every day.
Cut out excuses and just look at the results.
Business philosophy
Excellent quality, excellence, integrity and win-win
Environmental protection concept
We only have one earth. It's everyone's responsibility to protect the world environment!
Juxing with this idea, to protect the environment, to continue to develop into the core, to strengthen and fulfill 

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