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In October 2003, Guangzhou Juxing Electronics Co., Ltd. was established; in August 2006, Taiwan Office: Yu Shan Industrial Co., Ltd. was established;

In January 2008, Hongkong Yu Shan Industrial Co., Ltd. was established;

In August 2008, we invested in Shaoxing Kesheng (Xuchang) Electronics Co., Ltd. and participated in the packaging production of diode chip diodes and bridge stacks.

In September 2008, Juxing Electronic Zhongshan business sales department was set up.

In August 2010, Juxing Electronic Huizhou business sales department was set up.

In November 2011, Juxing Electronic Shenzhen Longgang business sales department was set up.

In March 2012, Juxing Electronics fully invested in Hengchang Electronics in Changshan, Zhejiang Province, indicating that Juxing diode chip products are self-sufficient;

In June 2014, Juxing registered the trademark and successfully opened the professional diode brand line.

In June 2015, Anhui Juxing factory was established to increase products.

In November 2017, Guangzhou Juxing was renamed Guangdong Juxing. The company not only produces and sells but also faces research, development, and processing.

More than 15 years of hard work has made our brand today. Juxing Electronic Components Packaging and Testing has been leading the industry level. At present, it is equipped with ADM automatic crystal fixing machine, KS and ASM automatic wire welding machine, automatic rib cutting equipment, automatic test sorter and other equipment. The company has continuously increased investment in research and development of diode packaging, and has always implemented a strict quality control system in the production and processing process.

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