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  • Q:What we do?

    A:We are a manufacturer of diode over 15 years, and introduced a full set of international advanced equipment and the scientific management system, and certified by the ISO9001 International Quality Standard System, ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification. The annual output and sale of the diode and bridge are around 6 billion pcs. Through continuous efforts and resource adjustment, we can now produce chips independently, control quality from the source, and better provide customers with high-quality products.

  • Q:Why chose us?

    A:We provide a full range of rectifiers diode: Standard rectifiers, Fast Recovery, Ultra Fast, Super fast, High Voltage, Schottky Barrier, TVS, Zener diode, and Bridge diode and other series, various packaging products. In recent years, our company has been actively engaged in a series of SOD-123FL diodes and micro-mini bridge pile and other ultra-thin products. All our products comply with ROHS standards,and provide customized service to meet customer's requirements and R&D designing service.

  • Q:What's our advantage?

    A:We have our own brand, self-production, good quality and affordable price. We have a professional pre-sales and the after-sales team that can solve problems for customers without worrying about after-sales problems. We have a wealth of production experience and technical guarantee quality and can meet the customization needs of customers.

  • Q:Our after-sales service

    A:We will provide full after-sales service for all customers. ① All of our product have 12-month warranty before being applied to the product if the product itself has the quality questions, so you can placing the order without any worry. ② Take one pcs for the test to confirm the goods is ok before you weld. If the product itself has a quality issue or we send the wrong item, you can return the product once the damage has been confirmed with the quality issue. And please know and understand we will not in charge for any man-made damage.

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