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Industry News

  • Want to know the definition of the diode test parameters?[ 2019-08-05 ]
    IF: The current value allowed to pass through the diode at rated power. VF: The voltage drop produced between the two poles when the diode passes the rated forward current. IR: The value of the reverse current flowing through the diode under the specified reverse voltage conditions. VRM: The r
  • A graphic article explains in detail how to judge the positive and negative poles of a diode[ 2019-07-27 ]
    Method for judging the positive and negative poles of a diode: 1. The diode can directly see the positive and negative poles, rectifier one end of the colored ring is the negative pole, the voltage regulator is the same; for ordinary diodes, you can see the surface of the diode, the white line one e
  • Know the Tips of Schottky Diode Protection Circuit[ 2019-07-20 ]
    Schottky diodes are connected in parallel at both ends of a coil that generates an induced electromotive force at both ends when a current is passed through the coil. When the current disappears, its induced electromotive force produces a reverse voltage on the circuit element. When the current flow
  • Does the schottky diode have a voltage reduction function?[ 2019-06-29 ]
    Under normal circumstances, the normal forward operating voltage of schottky below 45V backvoltage is about 0.4v, but this is not a certain value, and depends on your load current, the lower the current, the lower the voltage drop. Like 1N5819,1A is 045V, 100mA is 0.35v (25℃) nonlinear, schottky dio
  • [Analysis] What is a Varactor Diode [ 2019-04-15 ]
    Varactor Diodes, also known as "variable reactance diodes". Most of the materials are silicon or gallium arsenide single crystals, and the epitaxy technology is used. It is a kind of diode made of PN junction capacitor (barrier capacitor) and its reverse bias voltage Vr. Its structure is shown in th
  • [Sharing] The diode is the cornerstone of the modern electronic industry[ 2018-04-08 ]
    Early diodes included "Cat's Whisker Crystals" and "Thermionic Valves". In 1904, British physicist Fleming invented the world's first electronic diode, the vacuum electronic diode, based on the Edison Effect. It depends on the cathode thermal emission of electrons to the anode to achieve conduction.
  • [Tips] Differences between Diodes 1N4148 and 1N4007 [ 2019-03-18 ]
    The 1N4148 is a switching diode with a voltage of 100V and a current of 150mA. It has fast reverse recovery speed and is of nS level. 1N4007 is a common rectifier diode, withstanding 1000V, current 1A, reverse recovery time in the uS level, can only be used in low-frequency circuits.1N4148 is a smal
  • [Tips] Diode Action in Boost Circuit [ 2019-03-12 ]
    The BOOST circuit design is one of the basic works of switching power supply design. For BOOST circuit, Schottky diode and inductor are the key points of the whole circuit system and play an important role in system stability. But many new engineers don't know what roles Schottky diodes and inductor
  • [Tips] What is ultra fast recovery diode[ 2019-01-19 ]
    Ultra-fast recovery diode (Fred) is a kind of semiconductor diode with good switching characteristics and ultra-short recovery time. It is commonly used for freewheeling, absorption, clamping, isolation, output and switching of switching devices of high-frequency inverter devices. The input rectifie
  • Analysis of Diode Action in Clamping Circuit[ 2019-01-17 ]
    A clamping circuit shifts the entire signal amplitude by dc. The final output waveform and the shape of the input waveform are the same, but the input signal on the basis of the increase of the dc component. The magnitude of the dc component depends on the specific parameters of the circuit itself.
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