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  • Step Recovery Diode Basics[ 2019-10-16 ]
    Step-Recovery Diode: It differs from the fast recovery diode. Its main feature is that the falling time tf at turn-off is almost 0 (on the order of ps), but its storage time ts is relatively long. The high recovery switch of the fast recovery diode has a short storage time and a fall time, so the to
  • Power diode these 15 knowledge points you must know! [ 2019-10-15 ]
    The rated current of the diode is the main nominal value of the diode, such as 5A/100V diode, 5A is the rated current. The normal rated current is defined as the rated average current through which the diode can pass. But some tests are preceded by square waves, which can pass through a square curre
  • Direct Diode Lasers: How does technological advancement open up new markets?[ 2019-10-14 ]
    As the price of diode lasers declines and performance develops, new markets are rapidly opening. In this article, technology consultancy IDTechEx demonstrates how advances in semiconductor laser technology have made new applications in laser material processing and industrial manufacturing possible.
  • How are the DC resistance and dynamic resistance of a semiconductor diode different?[ 2019-10-08 ]
    A semiconductor diode is a nonlinear device that exhibits different equivalent resistances for DC and AC (or dynamic quantities). The DC resistance of a diode is the ratio of the terminal voltage to its current when it operates at a point in the volt-ampere characteristic.
  • What are the reasons why the rectifying diode is damaged?[ 2019-10-03 ]
    Rectifying diode damage mainly has the following 6 points 1 Lightning protection, overvoltage protection measures are weak Rectifier device is not set lightning protection, overvoltage protection device, even if set lightning protection, overvoltage protection device, but its work is not relia
  • Understand the principle of voltage stabilizing diode and TVS diode[ 2019-09-25 ]
    Zener diode is a kind of diode that USES the PN junction to be in the reverse breakdown voltage remains unchanged, but the current can change within a certain range of values. The voltage regulator diode has a high resistance state before the reverse breakdown voltage, and beyond this critical point
  • Electrical Characteristics of TVS Diodes [ 2019-09-20 ]
    V-I characteristic of one-way TVS. The forward characteristic of one-way TVS is the same as that of ordinary regulated diodes. The reverse breakdown inflection point is a hard breakdown, which is a typical PN junction avalanche device. The curve segment from breakdown point to Vc value shows that w
  • Schottky diode basics[ 2019-09-19 ]
    Schottky diode is named after its inventor, Dr. Schottky (SBD), short for Schottky barrier diode. SBD is not made by using p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor contact to form PN junction, but by using metal-semiconductor junction formed by metal-semiconductor contact. Therefore, SBD is als
  • How to identify the pins of Schottky diodes?[ 2019-09-17 ]
    The Schottky diode must be properly installed. Improper installation of the Schottky diode not only destroys itself but can also damage many other parts of the circuit. The P-type material is the anode of the -pole tube, and the "anode" means the end that absorbs electrons The N-type material is
  • Another big news: the organic laser diode has gone from a dream to a reality[ 2019-09-16 ]
    Organic laser diode from dream to reality! Japanese researchers have shown that a laser diode based on organic semiconductors is indeed possible, paving the way for further expansion of lasers in biosensors, displays, medicine and optical communications. Organic laser diodes, long considered the hol
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